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About Us

Victory Range Hoods is a professional kitchen range hood manufacturer founded in British Columbia in 2007 by President and CEO of the company, Vlad Tanushev. Today, we have offices in Blaine, Washington, USA and Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada with a warehouse space of over 30,000 square feet. Our products are shipped all across Canada and the United States from our warehouse after being assembled and tested by our own staff in Canada. We specialize in kitchen range hoods and offer the best variety of models than any other brand. We believe we are the largest online store for range hoods.

We have the knowledge.

By specializing only in range hoods, 15 years later we have the knowledge. We have done it all. When it comes to range hoods, we are the experts. All of our sales representatives are trained to know how our range hoods work and to help find our customers the best suitable range hood for their needs

Our Goal

We provide the best value. Most of our competitors have dealer networks, adding to the cost of the products. Our main goal is to offer a high-quality range hood at a reasonable price. The way we are able to do that is by being a direct-to-consumer manufacturer. By cutting out the middle man we are able to sell high-quality range hoods at a fraction of the cost of other mainstream brands.

We have the tools

In 2017 we have moved to our new factory in Port Coquitlam. We have very sophisticated CNC machines allowing us to produce high-quality parts. Most of our range hoods are cut, formed,  assembled, tested and certified in our factory in Port Coquitlam by our team at Victory Range Hoods and then shipped directly to the buyer, you.

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