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damages / missing parts must be reported within 10 business days, with photos and a valid receipt
Shipping damage & Missing parts
  • Any damages or missing parts but be reported within 10 business days of delivery
  • All damage claims must adhere to the damage claim criteria at the bottom of this page
  • Damages for Large Items must be noted on the shipping documents when receiving the package
  • Make sure to note any damages on the paperwork before signing for the delivery if applicable
  • To report damages or missing parts, click on "Start Claim" at the bottom of this page. Claims that do not meet our damage claim criteria will be rejected
processing time
  • Damage claims can require up to 30 days to resolve
  • Missing parts claims can require up to 10 business days to fulfill
  • We will do everything in our ability to resolve your damage claim with the shipping company.
  • If your damage claim is approved, we will work with you to find the best solution
accepting delivery
  • If asked to sign for a delivery, make sure to note any shipping damage to the outside box before accepting it
  • Open all boxes within 10 business days to inspect the order for any damages (most units come with a plug and can be tested)
  • Do not store the range hood for months without first checking to ensure there are no damages
  • Do not install damaged products if you wish to process an exchange
warranty vs. damages

The following cases are related to the warranty of the product and cannot be processed as a damage claim. Please refer to the Warranty Policy instead.

  • The item is not working after installation
  • A part of the product fails
  • A replacement part is required
not accepted

If a claim is made that does not meet our criteria, it cannot be accepted because it is impossible to determine how the damage occured.

  • The claim is made more than 10 business days after delivery
  • Photos of the damage, box and shipping labels are not provided within 10 business days
  • Damage was not noted on the delivery Bill of Lading (for Large Items) when it was signed and accepted
  • The product is installed and/or used
  • The original box or packing materials are missing
  • Damage occured during installation
damage claim criteria

Delivery was not refused. Refused deliveries will be treated as regular returns.

The claim was initiated, with photos and a valid receipt, within 10 business days of delivery.

Clear photos of the product, box and shipping labels are provided within 10 business days of delivery.

The recipient has the original box and all packing materials.

The product is not installed or used.

Report damage or missing parts

Submit a claim within 10 business days of the delivery date.

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