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Below are answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Shipping Questions

When will my order ship?

All new orders require minimum 2 business days to process before shipping. You will receive a tracking number within 1-2 days of placing your order. Your tracking number will update as soon as the item is picked up. Receiving a tracking number does not indicate that the item is in transit. Please refer to the courier's website tracking information for the most up to date and accurate information.

Do you ship across Canada and the United States?

Yes, we ship across all of Canada and the USA with a few exceptions. For more details about where we ship and shipping times please read our Shipping Policy.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, we currentely offer free shipping on most orders above $199 to Canada and the USA. Our free shipping only applies to range hoods and sinks and does not apply to accessories and/or parts. For more information please read our Shipping Policy

Why am I being charged shipping?

We do not offer free shipping on orders that do not include a range hood or kitchen sink over $199. Some range hoods however we need to charge a handling fee due to their size and weight. For Canadian shipments, we can avoid this handling fee by offering free shipping to one of our pick up locations.

Where are your pick up locations?

If you opt in to pick up your order at one of our pick up locations, we will automatically ship your order to the nearest pick up location to your shipping address. For the pick up locations you can Click Here.

What happens if my order arrives damaged?

Any damages and/or missing parts must be reported to us within 2 weeks of delivery, for more information please read our Damage Policy

Can I return/exchange my order?

We accept returns/exchanges on range hood orders within 30 days after delivery with exceptions. For more details and to see if your order qualifies for a return/exchange please read our Return Policy

Can I cancel my order?

Please contact us right away if you need to cancel an order. Orders can only be cancelled if they have not shipped yet. If an order has shipped, it cannot be stopped or cancelled and any returns will need to follow our Return Policy

Warranty Questions

Are your products covered under warranty?

Yes, unless otherwise specified on the product page all of our products come with a 1 year parts warranty. For more information you can view our Warranty Policy.

How do I make a warranty claim?

To make a warranty claim you can create a ticket by emailing customer support at or by contacting us here. A valid order number will be required to verify the warranty of your order.

Is labour covered under your warranty?

Our warranty is a parts warranty and does not cover any costs associated with labour services. To find out what is covered under our warranty please view our Warranty Policy.

What happens if I need a replacement part but my order is out of warranty?

We can still offer replacement parts for orders out of warranty but it would not be free of charge. You can create a ticket by emailing customer support at or by contacting us here and a representative can quote you on the necessary replacement part.

Product Questions

What size range hood do I need?

For most installations, as long as your range hood matches the width of your range then it will work as intended but you may go one size bigger for better efficiency. For Island and BBQ Range Hoods, it is recommended to go one size bigger than your range since they typically sit higher above your cooking surface.

What is the recommended distance from the cooktop to the range hood?

Unless otherwise specified, the recommended distance between your range hood and your range should be 26"-30". For Island and BBQ range hoods the recommended distance is 30"-36".

Why is the width of the range hood slightly smaller than advertised?

It is industry standard for all range hoods to be roughly half an inch smaller than the advertised width so that if cabinets are present beside the range, it can fit between them.

How much CFM do I need?

To find how much CFM is recommended for your cooktop, calculate the BTU's of your burners and then divide the total by 100. (Example: 20,000 BTU's + 20,000 BTU's + 15,000 BTU's + 12,000 BTU's + 10,000 BTU's = 77,000 BTU's Total, 77,000 ÷ 100 = 770CFM) It will likely not be possible to match that exact CFM you get from your calculation but it is important to get as close as possible, plus or minus 100CFM. This ensures the motor you get in your range hood will not overheat and be strong enough to handle the heat from your cooktop, this is paticularly important for gas cooktops.

Installation Questions

My ducting is smaller than what comes with the range hood, will it still work?

If your ducting is smaller than the ducting on your range hood then your range hood will be louder and have reduced effeciency. In order to get the CFM advertised on our products your ducting size must match and not reduce in size at any point.

My ducting is the correct size but reduces to a smaller size at the vent cap, is this okay?

If your ducting reduces at any point (no matter how small the length is) then this will reduce the CFM output of your range hood and increase the noise.

Do you offer installation services?

No, we do not offer any installation services but if you have any questions about installation you can create a ticket by emailing customer service at or on our contact page.

Do your range hoods come with everything needed for installation?

All of our range hoods come with the installation hardware required but professional installation is recommended. Our range hoods do NOT come with additional ducting so if you do not have an existing duct one will need to be installed. For more details we have installation manuals available for our range hoods on their product pages.

Can your range hoods be hardwired?

If you do not have a socket for a plug then a certified electrician can cut the plug and hardwire your range hood.This does not void your warranty but will make your order ineligible for returns or exhanges.

Other Questions

Is VICTORY a Canadian company?

Yes! VICTORY Range Hoods was founded in British Columbia, Canada in 2007 by the owner and President of the company Vladimir Tanushev. You can learn more about our company here.

Do you offer discounts for businesses and/or contractors?

Everything we sell is direct to consumer, so our lowest prices available are shown on our website. We do however offer bulk pricing, to inquire about our bulk pricing you can contact us here.

Do you sell replacement parts/filters for range hoods?

We only supply our own customers with replacement parts or filters. If you own a range hood from another brand/company we unfortunately will not be able to supply any replacement parts.

Do you have retail locations?

VICTORY is a direct to consumer business, which means that everything we sell is assembled/made at our headquarters in BC, Canada then shipped directly to the homeowner. This is a big reason why we are able to have competitive and affordable prices!

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